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NWS front tray

NWS front tray

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Brand NWS
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Vertical front mount multi-flywheel bracket for Alpha, OSW, Simucube2, Leo Bodnar, ect....


  • Includes slot to hold USB cable securely.
  • Valid for NWS LIFE, C1, C2 and C3 cockpits.
  • Includes mounting hardware. It also includes nuts, but only for NWS profiles, for other profiles will require 4 or 8 M8 nuts of your own profile.
  • CHARACTERISTICS: 50.8 cm total width, painted with black Epoxy paint.
  • COMPATIBILITIES: Only those named below
    • Mige 130ST (Small, Big)
    • Bodnar 50 Series
    • Lenze MCS12
    • All Simucube 1 and 2
    • All Alphas (Simagic)
    • All OSW