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Thrustmaster TM Rally Wheel Add-On Sparco R383 MOD

Thrustmaster TM Rally Wheel Add-On Sparco R383 MOD

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This 1:1 scale replica - 13''/33 cm in diameter - is the ideal steering wheel add-on for your Thrustmaster collection. Equip it for all rally games, and thanks to its circular shape with 360°, it is also perfectly suited for GT racing games. For e-sports competitions, train with the right equipment!


Thrustmaster presents the TM Rally WHEEL Add-On Sparco R383 Mod: a fantastic accessory born from the collaboration between Thrustmaster and Sparco. This exact 1:1 replica of the genuine R383 Sparco steering wheel, featuring a 360-degree shape and measuring 13"/33cm in diameter, is an essential accessory for all car racing and rallying games - to prepare yourself for the most intense e-Sports competitions, make sure you train with the right equipment! Compatible with Thrustmaster T-series bases, the TM RALLY WHEEL Add-On Sparco R383 Mod is suitable for all gaming platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC Windows 10, 8, 7.


  • The TM RALLY WHEEL Add-On Sparco R383 Mod, measuring 13"/33cm in diameter and manufactured under official Sparco license, is the exact replica (1:1 scale) of the genuine Sparco R383 steering wheel, ensuring maximum immersion in the world of e-Racing.​
  • Compatible with the Thrustmaster ecosystem, it can be used with the Thrustmaster T-series bases. This high-end equipment offers optimal practice conditions for e-Sports competitions.​
  • The steering wheel features 9 action buttons and a directional pad with push button function, allowing the player to keep both hands on the wheel at all times, just as they would in real rally racing conditions.​
  • Its ergonomic design offers a pleasant feel, even during the wildest races, thanks to its suede covering and its large diameter (13"/33 cm), suitable for the most intense manoeuvres.



Width: 380 mm

Length: 380 mm

Height: 135 mm


1740 g