Do you ship to other countries?

We ship to all Europe, including the Canary and Balearic Islands. Recently and progressively we are reaching all over the world, increasing the number of countries. You can find shipments to all Latin American countries, United States, Canada, Nigeria, South Africa, Japan, Thailand and, as a novelty, Australia and New Zealand. If your country is not on the list, you can send us an email to and we will be happy to help you and arrange shipping to your country.

Can I buy from XRshop if I am from Latin America?

Yes, XRshop ships to all Latin American countries. If your country is not listed at the time of shipment, please contact us and we will manage it in the fastest and most efficient way so you can get any of our products or services regardless of the country. We are finalizing the implementation of all Latin American countries in the shipping system.

What are the shipping costs to Latin America?

Shipping costs include transportation and insurance of your order to the delivery address indicated. The amount is calculated according to the destination and the weight of the shipment, this is calculated automatically during the checkout of your order.

Please note that customs fees and/or local taxes and duties are not included. In case it is necessary to pay taxes in advance, the same shipping agency will contact you to tell you all the steps.
In case you have any questions, need help or documentation, you can send us an email to and we will be happy to help you.

Are the shipping to the Canary and Balearic Islands free of charge?

The shipping costs to the Canary and Balearic Islands are calculated according to the destination and the weight of the shipment, this is calculated automatically during the checkout of your order.
In this final payment process, you will see the total price to pay with the sum of product and transport, adjusting the latter in the most reduced and competitive price possible.

What is the purchase process if I am from a country outside Spain?

Select your preferred currency from the drop-down menu.

Search and find within our web store the wide variety of products in the Extended Reality sector, the product that best suits your needs.

Add the product you want to the cart (you can repeat this step with the rest of the products you want).

Once you have selected all the products, go to "Your cart" to review all the selected items. In this section you can modify quantities as well as delete items.

At the bottom of "Your Cart" you will find the shipping calculator. All you have to do is enter your country and postal code and the application will automatically calculate the shipping price.

Once you have completed the above steps, you will see the total price to pay for the product with the amount of shipping to be paid. Proceed to click on "Payment Process".

In the next screen you will be asked to fill in all the fields in order to generate the invoice.

Once you have filled in all the information fields, you must continue to "Continue with shipments".

In the shipping section, you can select the same billing address or add a new one for delivery. Select the shipping option that best suits you and continue to "Continue with payment".

In this last section you will see a summary of all the previous data and all that remains is to select the payment method that suits you best.

Once you have made the payment you will receive an e-mail notification with the summary of your order.

Finally, as soon as your order has been prepared and the shipping label has been generated, you will receive a new notification with the shipping agency and shipping number so that you can always know the status of the shipment.

During customs clearance in your country, the taxes you will be required to pay will be determined. DHL Express or UPS will contact you with all the steps.

DHL Express and UPS provide you with different delivery methods so that you can select the one that best suits your needs.

In case it is necessary to pay taxes in advance, the same transport agency will contact you to tell you all the steps.

If you have any questions or need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail at

¿Qué tiempo de garantía tendría el visor?

For your information, the product purchased on our website for any user has a warranty value of three years from the date of delivery for new scopes and one year in case of being reconditioned.

Those products purchased by companies for commercial purposes will have a warranty period of six months.
For more information about the warranty period of the product you can find it in the "Warranties" section that appears in the CONTACT US section.

Is a purchase invoice generated or where can I claim it?

Yes, a purchase invoice is generated. In the process of creating the account and managing the order, you will be asked for the fiscal data to be able to issue the invoice. This is issued within 24/48 hours from the date of shipment of your order.

In case you need your invoice you can write us an e-mail to the following address: communicating the order number.

How can I add or modify my account information?

For any problem with the email address, billing information, shipping information or basic input errors, you can contact for the appropriate modification before the shipment of your order.

In case of detecting any missing fiscal data necessary to obtain the relevant invoicing for your company, please contact for the modification in the same way.

How to contact technical support?

In case you have any doubt and/or incidence with a product, you can contact us through the e-mail Remember to indicate your order or invoice number so that we can have all the information and have the serial number of the device at hand. Our specialist team will give you an answer within a maximum of 24/48 hours or will indicate the manufacturer's support contact for relevant management.

Will I have problems with customs in Latin America if I buy products in XRshop?

If you are from Latin America and you buy in XRshop, all products must go through customs.
We make sure that the customs process is fast and with the least problems for you, your only responsibility as a buyer will be to pay the local taxes, costs and customs fees.

If I live in the Canary Islands, will the VAT of the peninsula be added to the final price?

Currently, in our online store, we are in the process of implementing the IGIC of the Canary Islands automatically, but currently it is not yet available, so at the time of purchase you will be charged the 21% VAT of the peninsula.

This is not a problem, because immediately after receiving your order, we will reimburse this amount (VAT) so that you can proceed with the relevant steps in the customs of your location.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

What does it mean DNI or identity document that appears in the registry when creating an account?

For residents of Spain there is the national identity document DNI, an essential document to complete the account registration.

In case you do not have this document, you can fill in the field with the number of the identification document of your country or, failing that, omit the field with the text: "Y/N".

What does the "Fulfillment not completed" message mean when I finalize my order?

The "Fulfillment" message refers to the order issued to the warehouse to confirm the completion of the order and the relevant management. So the "Not Fulfilled" section will be updated in the following hours with a tracking number to track your product which will already be on its way to your shipping address.

What is the delivery time for a product that is on order?

As soon as you finalize the purchase of one of our products that are under order, we will manage the internal management to have the exact date and inform the customer with total transparency. To this end, in the following days, our customer service staff will provide you, in the same email with which you registered, the information regarding the final delivery time and the link to the tracking number.