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3D Organon License VR Anatomy for VR Standalone Glasses

3D Organon License VR Anatomy for VR Standalone Glasses

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The Organon VR Anatomy 3D license enhances the teaching of anatomy, laying the foundation for students to become highly skilled professionals.

Improves retention during study

Navigating realistic organs and body structures in a stimulating 3D space eliminates distractions and takes the boredom factor out of the classroom. The high degree of immersion provided by the VR headset facilitates the encoding of information, so the user develops superior spatial awareness and a larger memory footprint, resulting in long-term retention.

Dynamic, empowering and instructive learning

VR Anatomy has exceptional value for institutions employing a blended learning curriculum, and for students enjoying the benefits of practicing new learning models. VR technology has the potential to reshape the way we learn and teach. By promoting dynamic learning, it transforms the difficult acquisition of anatomy content into an enabling and instructive discovery.

More than 550 real-time animations of the human body

Present information clearly and improve your presentation skills in anatomy sessions at the same time. Take full advantage of the human body actions module, with over 550 real-time animations of joints, muscles, respiratory system, cardiovascular system, reproductive system and sensory organs. Each movement performed by a muscle is displayed and labeled separately for a superior teaching experience. 3D Organon is the only platform that supports body actions in all XR experiences (VR, AR and MRI).

3D Organon Bone Mapping Module

Students acquire essential anatomy knowledge starting with the bones of the axial and appendicular skeleton. 3D Organon's bone mapping module provides detailed color mapping of every bone in the body, organized into "Parts", "Edges", "Surfaces" and "Landmarks". This module details over 3500 landmarks and bony features presented with highlighting effects and attractive colors. In-depth detail teaching becomes an interesting exploration.

Clinical correlations

Familiarize your students with common clinical correlations organized into body systems. The module allows quick access to essential knowledge on a wide variety of diseases. The student's learning experience is enhanced by reasoning about clinical significance, combined with anatomy.

Organon 3D Toolkit

  • Segmentation: Segmentation of the human body will provide you with information about the relationships between anatomical structures. You can segment the 3D model from any desired angle in real time with the cutting toolkit. Clinical and surgical procedures can be easily explained to students and patients, as the structures are cut in a modular approach. With the "Separate" option, spaces will be created between the cut structures that will be useful for illustrating nerve and vascular pathways.
  • Diagram: The diagram creation tool allows a complete mapping of body systems and their structure classifications. By fully zooming in on an anatomical structure, the entire navigation path is displayed along with the 3D model and its definition. You can click from one structure to another and provide a unique presentation of anatomical classifications. This module is excellent for demonstrating the "overview" of the internal linking structure in a body system.
  • 2D Painting: Teaching anatomy is all about drawing and explaining difficult concepts. Use our drawing toolset to sketch meaningful explanations for students superimposed on 3D models.
  • 3D Painting: The 3D painting toolkit allows you to unleash your creativity. Your VR controllers are your brushes and the 3D environment is your canvas. Discover their potential as powerful teaching and learning tools in anatomy and medicine.
  • Bone Spurs (osteophytes): Simulate the effects of bone inflammation and osteoarthritis with the Bone Spur Toolkit. This tool is useful for clinicians who want to explain the mechanism of joint swelling or pain to patients.

  • Tumor growth: The growth of benign or malignant tumors is a complex process that ultimately depends on the proliferation and spread of cancer cells in host tissues. The tumor growth tool is designed to help you show the development and spread of cancer directly in tissue and organ models.
  • Pain effect: The pain effect toolkit allows you to place brightly colored spheres in certain locations on organs and anatomical structures. These effects are useful for showing regions or points of pain that require students' attention during teaching. Clinicians will prefer this repertoire of resources in patient training sessions.
  • Note-taking: 3D Organon's note-taking function is the evolution of paper records. Write your personalized notes directly linked to 3D anatomical structures. Customized notes promote active learning and enhance understanding and retention of details.
  • X-ray mode: Show the whole body or specific structures in radiographic style. The overall appearance of the 3D model incorporates a semi-transparent display that resembles common diagnostic imaging modalities. Use this mode when you want to highlight location, edges and relationships to other structures.

Software features 

  • Live video capture
  • 360° video capture
  • Screenshots 
  • Distance learning and teaching
  • Cros platform support


Specifications on the standard version NOTICE: The standard version does not include the VR ultrasound simulator, the interactive questions module, cadaveric images and the possibility of creating a virtual room.

Perpetual license specifications

NOTICE: A perpetual license includes essential upgrades for three (3) years, but not upgrades to new versions that are released each year. The multi-user is guaranteed to work on the same software version for a period of three (3) years.