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AMVR Oculus Link Cable (5 metres)

AMVR Oculus Link Cable (5 metres)

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With this AMVR link cable you can easily and reliably connect your Oculus Quest HMD to your computer to use the graphics power of your PC. This cable (5 metres) can transfer data at high speed, which makes the cable very suitable for gaming.

This Oculus Link cable comes with a handy clip that allows you to attach the cable to the headband of the Oculus Quest. This ensures that the cable stays in the USB-C connection better and does not suffer from a bad connection.

Attach the cable with the USB-C connection to the Oculus Quest headset and plug the USB connection into a USB3.0 port on your computer. The cable connects immediately and you can start using Oculus Link right away. Make sure your computer is compatible with Oculus Link. For a full description, we would like to refer you to the Oculus website.

This Oculus Link cable has a length of 5 metres. Thanks to the high quality of the cable, you will not experience any data loss over this long length and you will be able to play with complete freedom of movement.

Note: It is advisable to secure the USB-C connection on the HMD with the supplied clip, so that the cable does not slip out while you play.

Suitable for Oculus Quest 1 & Quest 2


  • 1 Oculus Link AMVR cable (5 metres)