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bHaptics TactSuit X16 (Wireless Haptic Vest) - Reconditioned

bHaptics TactSuit X16 (Wireless Haptic Vest) - Reconditioned

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TactSuit X16 is designed to be a durable yet lightweight haptic waistcoat that you can wear for hours. The short, breathable design makes long seated gaming sessions much more enjoyable. TactSuit X16 includes the same vibro-tactile motors used in the TactSuit X40, giving you the same powerful haptic response.

Built-in support

TactSuit is the only haptic suit that has been integrated into virtual reality games. Enjoy optimised haptic feedback designed for each unique game event. Boost your gaming potential with positional haptic feedback.

No wires. No latency.

Enjoy lag-free wireless haptics through Bluetooth connectivity. Untethered, real-time haptic feedback will only increase your immersion. Immerse yourself completely in the content without anything getting in your way, not even wires.

Cross-platform support

TactSuit X16 can connect to almost any device via Bluetooth or audio cable. Pair your TactSuit X16 with your device via Bluetooth to enjoy integrated haptics. Connect your TactSuit for audio-based haptics with standalone VR, console and mobile device. Enjoy state-of-the-art haptic feedback and seamless connectivity with or without wires. 

*All bHaptics devices can be used individually or together.

Refurbished products

When we talk about a reconditioned product, we refer to a product that has been purchased and returned due to a withdrawal for reasons of incompatibility, not meeting expectations, not wanting it, etc.

This type of product is classified according to a scale called aesthetic quality;

  • (A+) A new product
  • (A) In good condition, with minimal or negligible damage.
  • (B) In regular condition, degraded, slight damage).
  • (C) In fair condition, with aesthetic flaws and noticeable functions.)
Our company, within this classification, has limited itself to consider only reconditioned items of grade (A), in order to guarantee the customer that the product he will receive will be as close to a new one as possible.
Reconditioned products are in perfect working order and in good physical condition. To confirm this, please note that before being offered for sale a professional technical team has checked and verified their correct functioning. All of them contain, at a minimum, the accessories necessary for their operation that were included in the initial new product.

*It is possible that the product is not delivered in its original packaging because it has suffered some damage, but in a standard white or brown packaging.