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DOF Reality Professional P6 (6 axis)

DOF Reality Professional P6 (6 axis)

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The DOF Reality P6 professional motion simulator platform offers six degrees of freedom of movement (forward, backward, upward, side to side, up, down, up, down, down, down, up and down). This unique platform is capable of reproducing any possible movement.

The P6 model is designed to move not only the seat, but all the simulator controls (steering wheel, joystick, pedals, throttles, etc.) mounted on the motion platform. You will feel as if you are actually driving a car or in the cockpit of an airplane. When you move, everything moves with you!

Very silent 

It is very quiet for home use, with no need for a dedicated room or garage. The noisiest elements of our design are the cooling fans, at 20 dBA, and it is very quiet compared to other actuator-based platforms (Prosimu, SimXperience, etc.). It has been designed with minimal space requirement, and features easy assembly. It is compact for home use, yet powerful.


The platform is compatible with any existing VR system (Google Daydream View, Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive + Pro and Sony PlayStation VR), as well as future VR systems. It can also provide vibrating feedback to simulate road texture, gear changes, collisions and contact via Buttkicker Bass shaker(s) or other add-ons.

Simulation platform. Seat, wheel, pedal, gear shift, etc. are sold separately.

Options available:
HOTAS throttle mounts and center flight joystick.

    Technical specifications 

    Degress of freedom  6 DOF (Pitch, Roll, Yaw, Surge, Sway, Heave)
    Full platform motion 


    Motions Range   25 °
    Speed 75 cm/s (105 °/s)
    Torque  28 n/m
    Acceleration  0.5G en todas direcciones 
    Power Consumption  2400 Watt (pico)
    Floor Foot print  4×5, 2 ft H (120×150, 60 cm H)
    Supported pilot weight  440 lbs / 200 kg