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DOF Reality Seat Mover Pro MP2

DOF Reality Seat Mover Pro MP2

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Seat Mover: the simplest model for the motion simulator experience

The P-Series Seat Mover that has slightly more power and speed than the consumer M2. The P series platforms use industrial grade motors that can be used for continuous hours every day. It is the most cost-effective motion simulator made for companies that already have a PlaySeat or GT Omega ART frames, and want to experiment with motion simulation on a limited budget.

Unlike the other DOF Reality platforms, it only moves the seat. The steering wheel and pedal plates do not move, which means it is less immersive and convenient in gameplay as the P2 or P3 models. It can only do 2 DOF (Pitch and Roll).

    Technical specifications

    Degrees of Freedom   2 DOF (Pitch + Roll)
    Full platform motion No 
    Motions Range   16 °
    Speed  75 cm/s (66 °/s)
    Torque   25 n/m
    Power Consumption  720 Watt (pico)
    Floor Foot print   8×16,5×16,5" (21x42x42 cm)
    Supported pilot weight  330 lbs / 150 kg
    Upgradable Yes, to any P models