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HYPERVSN SmartV 3D Modeller

HYPERVSN SmartV 3D Modeller

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Brand Hypervsn
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HYPERVSN SmartV 3D Modeller

3D Modeller can be used as a visualization tool for any 3D model, whether in the automotive industry architecture or education. It can be used in retail to show parts of a product, explain a complex system in business, aid navigation at an event or be used to enhance education in biology, history or art.

The 3D modeler makes it possible to convey powerful messages, to present a product as a world-class innovation. The interactive holograms of the future are already here.

Main features

  • Increasing commitment
  • Improved understanding
  • Non-contact solution if necessary
  • Increases message retention

Technical Specifications

Hardware   HYPERVSN SmartV Solo M/L o HYPERVSN SmartV Wall M/L 
Services HYPERVSN Software Suite M/L (per display),
HYPERVSN SmartV Box 6/12 software service,
HYPERVSN SmartV 3D Modeller Solo M/L 1 year subscription o HYPERVSN SmartV 3D Modeller Wall M/L 1 year subscription
Additional parts Tablet / PC + Leap Motion Controller
Accessories Tripod, ceiling mounts, domes, cubes, frame, frame extenders and plexus protector
Add-ons Custom content 
Conten  Design Lab or use your own 






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