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Pack of 3 Facial Interface for HP Reverb G2 (Virtual Reality Glasses)

Pack of 3 Facial Interface for HP Reverb G2 (Virtual Reality Glasses)

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Kiber3 equips field personnel with wearable hardware for remote assistance based on AR technology. A head-mounted device with a unique binocular viewer, an HD video camera, a high-performance headset/microphone, a handheld camera for additional views with thermal imaging capability, and 4 GB local storage for use in standalone mode.

It is the first portable augmented reality system, allowing to cover a full work shift without recharging the batteries.

The Kiber 3 Smart Set with Augmented Reality system is composed of:
- Kiber 3 Web | Powerful web-based platform for remote cooperation.
- Kiber 3 Field | Mobile application for iOS and Android to connect users.

During the contract all the above has no limitations in terms of:
- Number of remote users for Kiber3 WEB.
- Number of working sessions.
- Duration time of working sessions (either individual or cumulative).

For more details, please refer to the corresponding DATASHEETS.

In reference to your request for Kiber3 Smart Set(s), VRMedia will set up and maintain a dedicated server or a network of dedicated servers at the required location(s).




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