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Logitech G Saitek Pro Flight Yoke System

Logitech G Saitek Pro Flight Yoke System

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Brand Logitech - SKU: 945-000004 - EAN: 5099206069909
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Professional simulation flight stick and throttle quadrant system. Fly as a novice or as a veteran, commercial and private aircraft, with a genuine simulation joystick and throttle quadrant. Develop muscle memory and experience the sensations of precise, realistic control. The Logitech G Flight Yoke System with included throttle quadrant has a total of five axes, stainless steel control shaft for depth rudder and ailerons, and 25 fully programmable buttons and switch positions. The joystick system is the hero of flight simulation and part of a complete and balanced set of modular and interchangeable Logitech G components.


Take flight and enjoy the joy of flying in the next generation of Microsoft Flight Simulator, and get the best results with Logitech G flight gear. Fly around the world in amazing detail with more than 37,000 airports, 2 million cities, 1.5 billion buildings, and authentic mountains, roads, trees, rivers, animals, traffic, and more. Test your piloting skills against the challenges of night flying, atmospheric simulation and real-time weather in a dynamic, living world.

Your panel works with Windows® 7, 8.1 and 10. Quick installation of a plug-in from the support page adds compatibility with your favourite PC flight simulation programs, including Microsoft Flight Simulator, FSX - Flight Simulator X, X-Plane 10 and Prepar3D.

This device is Plug and Play in every way. There is no need to load drivers or install additional software.


Genuine and precise steel bearings. Unlike other products on the market, Logitech G Flight Yoke uses a stainless steel shaft with bearings that ensure precision control of rudder, elevator, and aileron. It puts control knobs at your fingertips for any navigation axis: front-to-rear, side-to-side or vertical. The built-in stopwatch is perfect for measuring approaches, and if your PC doesn't have extra USB ports available, an integrated USB hub provides a base station for additional Logitech G Flight hardware.


Configurable and decoupling knobs. Each flight joystick system includes a flight throttle quadrant, and additional throttle quadrants are available separately to enable precise control of multi-engine craft. All levers are fully programmable and decoupling, to allow any combination of throttle, flaps, mixture and pitch to be created. Simply set the stick knobs to the configuration that works best for you and assign commands from your favourite simulation. Lockouts (physical markers indicating where a particular action is activated) on the levers simplify control of idle, afterburner and reverse thrust.


Customization software is part of the package. The joystick and dial offer 25 buttons and switch positions, but you still want to fine-tune and fine-tune your controls. To program to your liking, download the necessary drivers and software. The joystick has a three-position switch, so you have three complete profiles that you can easily access to configure a total of 75 controls.


Robust mounting hardware included. The Logitech G Flight joystick and throttle quadrant have adaptable mounting clamps that let you configure the entire rig just the way you want it: You can securely mount the controls on the table or attach them to the front edge, whichever you prefer.


Part of a complete system. The Logitech G Flight Yoke System is built to integrate with our complete line of flight simulation products to enable a multitude of interchangeable configurations. All simulation panels can be stacked or placed side-by-side. The altimeter on top of the compass; the vertical speed indicator to the left of the airborne direction finder... you name it. The mounting brackets, which are easy to install and increase the stability of your simulation, include sturdy fittings to secure the position of the joystick and throttle quadrant on a table.


Simulate the real aircraft with this kit. This package is what you need for a quick simulation set-up in command of a twin-engine MD80 airliner:

  • 1 flight control stick system
  • 2 flight instrument panels
  • 1 flight switch panel
  • 1 flight radio panel
  • 1 multiple flight panel


      • Flight joystick with 1.8m USB cable
      • Flight throttle quadrant with 1.5 m PS/2 cable
      • 2 clamping jaws


      • Smart Technology
      • Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7
      • One USB 2.0 port
      • Internet connection for optional software download


      • Connection type: USB
      • USB Protocol: USB 2.0
      • USB Speed: Maximum
      • LED Indicator Lights: Yes
      • LCD Display: Yes
      • USB ports (integrated): Yes
      • Backlight: No