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Next Level Racing Flight Simulator Boeing Military Edition

Next Level Racing Flight Simulator Boeing Military Edition

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Brand Next Level Racing - SKU: NLR-S028 - EAN: 9359668000220
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Take to the skies with Next Level Racing® Flight Simulator Boeing Military Editionour first flight simulator designed specifically for the aviation community, in partnership with The Boeing Company. With components inspired by Boeinginspired components, such as the green canvas seat cover and military green accents.

The Boeing Boeing community community can now interact with a cockpit, inspired by a Boeing cockpit. Boeing cockpit military flight deck. The cockpit Next Level Racing® Flight Boeing Military Edition offers a wide range of configurations to suit different flight classes, including combat, space, commercial and general aviation.

The Flight Simulator Boeing Military Edition Cockpit supports a wide range of electronic devices such as yokes, joysticks and throttles from all major brands while remaining true to the military cockpit, the joystick can be attached directly between the user's legs for an authentic combat experience.

With a growing ecosystem of flight accessories from Next Level Racing®the pilot community can expect a result tailored to flight simulation. The Next Level Racing® Flight Simulator Boeing Military Cockpit is specifically designed to have the Thrustmaster® TCA Yoke Pack Boeing Edition directly mounted in the cockpit, with a true peripheral position, for the most realistic flight simulation experience.


  • Flight cockpit designed for maximum simulation immersion
  • Officially licensed product from The Boeing Company
  • Boeing-inspired components, such as green canvas seat upholstery and military green accents
  • Suitable for combat flight, general aviation, commercial flight and space exploration users
  • Compatible with flight electronics such as yokes, joysticks, rudders and throttles of major brands
  • Wide range of settings to tailor the flight experience
  • Includes keyboard and mouse support for easy navigation with custom Next Level Racing keyboard and mouse pads®.
  • Compatible with Thrustmaster® / Logitech / Saitek® / Honeycomb/ Virtual Fly/ Crosswind and other flight accessory brands
  • Includes the Buttkicker adapter®, Next Level Racing four-point harness® and lumbar support
  • Motion function compatible with add-on accessories** **For range of motion to be compatible with add-on accessories
  • **For Next Level Racing® flight simulator cockpit range of motion compatibility, users will need the Next Level Racing® Motion Plus platform adapter.


The Next Level Racing Flight Simulator Cockpit has been designed and developed specifically with flight users in mind. The Flight Simulator is the first flight simulator cockpit that allows for different flight configurations in a single station.

With the different components included in the Flight Simulator, the flight user can create a commercial flight configuration by connecting a wide range of yokes, rudders and throttles directly to the cockpit. A military configuration is possible with a unique seat cutout design to attach the Hotas center stick directly to the center plate, providing a true-to-life combat experience. For general aviation, several adapter plates are provided to ensure cross compatibility of electronics on the market to be attached directly to the cockpit.

Space users can use the included keyboard and mouse tray to attach the two joysticks and have the keyboard and mouse within easy reach for a more reactive gaming experience. Depending on the user's flight configuration, the keyboard mount can be attached directly to the cockpit in several locations.

**The Next Level Racing Flight Simulator Cockpit® is specifically designed for the Thrustmaster® TCA Yoke Pack Boeing Edition to be mounted directly in the cockpit with true peripheral positioning for the most realistic flight simulation experience.

Technical specifications

Supported height 120 -210 cm or 4 ft - 6 ft 9 in.
Maximum weight supported 150 kg or 330 lbs
Product dimensions (length) 153 cm x (width) 99 cm or (height) 122cm /(length) 60.2 inches x width 39 inches x height 48 inches)
Box dimensions 100cm (length) X 54cm (width) X 48cm (height)/ 39.4 inches (length) x 21.3 inches (width) x 18.9 inches (height)
Carton weight 56.3 kg or 124.1 lbs

Box Contents

  • Next Level Racing Flight Simulator® (chassis and seat)
  • Next Level Racing four-point harness®
  • Next Level Racing custom feet®
  • Seat sliders
  • Next Level Racing Custom Keyboard and Mouse Pads®
  • Next Level Racing lumbar support cushion®
  • Mounting hardware with additional hardware for hard-mount peripherals
  • Digital mounting instructions