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PICO G3 - 3DoF (Virtual Reality Glasses)

PICO G3 - 3DoF (Virtual Reality Glasses)

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PICO G3 3DoF, new VR glasses aimed at businesses

PICO G3 3DoF All-in-One is PICO's latest virtual reality glasses that first adopts the XR2 chipset. G3 will target the enterprise market as it delivers more robust performance, vivid display, larger battery capacity and higher refresh rate to meet customers' higher demands. The newest PICO operating system ensures business continuity and enables a realistic virtual world experience.

Better 3DoF performance

  • Solid performance: Powered for 3DoF enterprise applications, the PICO G3 features the Snapdragon"' XR2 processor with 128GB of storage and 6GB of LPDDR4X RAM for faster speed and a smoother experience.

  • Proactive cooling: PICO G3 is equipped with a built-in fan to ensure stable CPU performance and stability when performing virtual reality applications.

  • High-capacity battery: With a 5300 mAh battery and QC3.0 fast charging support, PICO G3 can run applications non-stop for several hours and ensures continuity of use in multiple business scenarios.

Full high-definition display

  • Fresnel Lenses: PICO G3 features a Fresnel lens assembly, which suppresses distortion and dispersion. It also corrects the halo effect caused by stray light, which occurs when using normal Fresnel lenses in a dark environment. With the G3 lens, you can enjoy immersive audiovisual and visual experiences without being interrupted by glare.

  • Millimeter-level IPD adjustment: PICO G3 includes a 3-position physical IPD (Internal Pupillary Distance) adjustment setting for the lenses, 58mm, 63.5mm, 69mm, which helps provide a clear image to reduce dizziness and eyestrain.

  • High resolution: With a 4K (3664X1920) combined high-resolution display at 773 pixels per inch (PPI), PICO G3 delivers depth, clarity and smoothness when experiencing virtual reality content.

  • Adjustable refresh rate: With 72Hz and 90Hz refresh rate, the G3 can adjust its visual performance to meet the needs of various VR applications.

  • Low blue light mode: With TUV certification, users can choose 'eye protection' in the settings according to their personal preference.

Security and reliability

  • Hardware and system security: SoC with ARM Trustzone. Enhanced kernel technology and security build a reliable HMD.

  • Device-side data security: PICO OS supports all types of Android-based encryption and provides computational and algorithm security.

  • Online service and data security: infrastructure, data transmission and storage security enables stable online service.

  • Service and enterprise software security: optional choices of different platforms and enterprise software under system-wide security.

  • Updates and management: clear policies, procedures and requirements are established to manage all updates, patches and incident responses.


  • MDM: For multi-device and content deployment within the IT infrastructure, PICO G3 supports a wide range of MDM partners.
  • PICO Business Store: A rich content partner ecosystem, the PICO Business Store empowers business success for enterprise users. In addition, PICO will provide a private business store option that can be deployed internally so users can obtain applications that administrators have whitelisted.
  • Pico Business Suite: For advanced customization, administrators can leverage the built-in PICO Business Suite to enable additional settings and configurations for system functions. Features include customizing the home screen, enabling kiosk mode, and controlling and streaming content between multiple devices.

PICO SDK and operating system

  • Enterprise SDK: PICO G3 includes an enterprise SDK that provides low-level APIs to control the glasses and implement advanced features. The enterprise SDK supports development with Unity, Unreal, OpenXR, WebXR.

  • Account Access: Allows users to quickly launch applications without registering for an account or logging into social networks, making deployment of the glasses faster and easier for the enterprise (Account required only if downloaded from the Business store).

  • PICO OS: PICO G3 comes with the latest PICO OS which provides a friendlier user interface to allow users to interact with the operating system with ease, especially those who are new to virtual reality.

Balanced and ergonomic design

  • Ergonomic design: PICO G3 is designed to feel light and comfortable around the head, with its balanced form factor that includes a front HMD and rear battery pack.

  • Easy to clean: the hygienic face pad and removable PICO G3, allows users to easily clean the face pad from both sides after each use.

  • Suitable for glasses: it is designed to accommodate eyeglass wear without any additional pressure on the face, making it more inclusive for users who need prescription glasses to see.

Technical Specifications

Computer platform

CPU Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2
ROS 128GB, UFS3.1
OS Android 10


Resolution 1832 x 2160 per eye at 773 PPI with a combined resolution of 3664 x 1920
Update frequency 72/90Hz


FOV 98°
Lens Fresnel ,PMMA
IPD Manual adjustment, 58mm,63.5mm, 69mm


Controllers 3DoF*1

Face cushion

PU, magnetic suction                                               


Alkaline Batteries / Glasses Spacer / Nose Pad / USB-C Power Adapter / USB-C to C 2.0 Data Cable


Charging Qualcomm quick charge 3.0, with sep-arate charger
Battery capacity 5300mAh, 2.0-2.5h


Weight 604 grams / 1.33 lbs

125 mm (lenght) x 190 mm (widht) x
112 mm (height)