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Pico Neo 3 Pro y Pro Eye Cable DisplayPort

Pico Neo 3 Pro y Pro Eye Cable DisplayPort

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Brand Pico XR
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Experience high-definition audio and video synchronization via the Display Port on the Neo 3 Pro and Pro eye by connecting to your PC with the Pico DP cable. This cable supports up to 3664*1920 90 Hz to ensure your customers will have a smooth, ultra-low latency experience when tethered to a PC. 

The DP cable connects securely to the Neo 3 Pro or Pro Eye through a customized USB Type-C screw design to ensure a secure connection at all times. The cable is also affixed to the headset strap via a special connector for added cable management and comfort. 

Through the standard DC5.5mm interface external power supply you will also have uninterrupted power for your Pico headset for extended sessions. 


Technical specifications 

Model E3B1P
DisplayPort + USB 2.0 A + DC5.5 Female
Customized USB Type C DP

Max 3664 x 1920 90 Hz

Hot Plug & Play detection

Supports DP1.4 and USB 2.0

USB 2.0A Power
5V, Max 2.5V
DC5.5 Power
5V-12V, Max 24W
Cable Material Active Optical
Cable Diameter 4,8MM