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Pimax Vision 8K Plus (Virtual Reality Glasses)

Pimax Vision 8K Plus (Virtual Reality Glasses)

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Brand Pimax
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Experience Virtual Reality with the highest resolution and FOV, almost matching our natural vision. The new Vision 8K Plus operates with full frames at 90 Hz, and at 110 Hz on an experimental basis for enthusiasts.


8K PLUS features two 3840*2160 RGB pixel matrix panels, with up to 50% more sub-pixels, thanks to custom CLPL display technology. By rendering a high-resolution image scaled to 4K, the screen door effect becomes almost invisible to even the most demanding VR gamers, allowing them to fully immerse themselves in their virtual world.


With the newly designed Vision comfort kit (including a face shell, nose pad and soft face foam) and the latest integrated modular audio strap, users can enjoy a seamless VR experience with the best audio and visual quality available. The new comfort enhancements fit perfectly and stress-free, and allow for hours and hours of continuous enjoyment.

Technical specifications 




IO connector  USB*1
Type C*2
Audio connector (3.5 mm)
Built-in microphone
Screen   Customised Low Persistence Liquid (CLPL)
Resolution  3840*2160*2
MTP latency  15ms (typical)
Refresh rate   110 Hz refresh rate (tentative)
Lens structure  Double Fresnel lenses
Field of view  200° Diagonal 
IPD 55mm-75mm
Button Power key
VOL+ key
VOL- key
Eye-tracking Eye-tracking module (optional)
Hand tracking Gesture (optional)
Controller Room Scale Controller (optional)
Outside-in technology

SteamVR sensor
9-axis A+G+M
New ergonomic design

Recommended PC specifications Windows 10 operating system
NVIDIA®️RTX 2060 or higher GPU
CPU Intel I5-9400 or higher
RAM 8GB or more
USB2.0/3.0, DP1.2 output