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Rokoko Smartgloves

Rokoko Smartgloves

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Brand Rokoko
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The future is in your hands. Professional quality fingerprint tracking for all creators.

The open-finger textile glove design ensures that users are free to interact with the world around them. The motion trackers are embedded in the fabric, so they remain in place during use. The gloves are designed with a snug fit, so the sensors stay in place.

Polyamide/elastane combination shell and genuine leather palm.

Technical specifications

Tracking range of 100 meters Wireless tracking via WiFi (the range of the router determines the tracking area)

Ajuste cómodo

Smartgloves in fabric and leather are available in sizes S, M, L and XL
Export or live transmission Export to FBX and BVH or live transmission of data to third-party software
7 IMU x EMF sensors 7 sensors per glove, with proprietary hybrid IMU and EMF technology
6 hours of operation Battery operating time is 6 hours for 5000mAh power banks
100 fps High sensor frame rate, for real-time transmission without delays or latency


Box content  

  • One pair of textile Smartgloves with 7 integrated motion trackers
  • 2 long USB power cables
  • 2 short USB power cables
  • A travel case