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Rokoko Smartsuit Pro II (Glove Ready)

Rokoko Smartsuit Pro II (Glove Ready)

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A new generation of motion capture system for professionals with the best performance and durability. 17 sensors.

The Smartsuit Pro II allows you to animate characters for animated film, visual effects, games, sports science, vTubing, virtual production, virtual reality and other immersive 3D applications.

What is the difference between Smartsuit Pro II (Glove Ready) and Smartsuit Pro II?

In order to support a plug-and-play experience between the Smartsuit Pro II and the Smartgloves, there is a version of the Smartsuit Pro II that is "Glove Ready", which means that the hand sensors on the suit are replaced by a usb-c connector cable for the gloves (which handle the hand/wrist tracking). Consequently, unlike the Smartsuit Pro II, the Smartsuit Pro II (Glove Ready) cannot track hand/wrist movements without having the Smartgloves connected, while the Smartsuit Pro II requires an additional set of cables and batteries to connect to the Smartgloves. In both cases, the mocap data captured will be the same, but the hardware experience is different. By default, our packages that include a pair of Smartgloves automatically preselect the Smartsuit Pro II (Glove Ready) version to provide the plug-and-play experience seamlessly out of the box.

Technical specifications

G-force range of 16g Accelerometers that allow high impact movements
High precision Advances in inertial technology allow for significant reduction in drift
Finger tracking ready Easy integration for optional Smartgloves
17x 9DOF sensors A total of 17 "9 degrees of freedom" IMU motion sensors connected to a hub, 3D orientation accuracy: ± 1 degree
Washable fabric The electronic parts can be removed from the Smartsuit, so the fabric can be washed.
200 fps High sensor frame rate, for real-time transmission without delay or latency
Elevation tracking Multilevel locomotion (snap-in space) for your Smartsuit Pro II


Box content 

  • Breathable textile suit
  • Pre-installed sensors and hub
  • Carrying bag, for protection and easy transport
  • Unlimited installation and use of Rokoko Studio (basic subscription): recording and exporting mocap data to various formats
  • 30-day trial of Rokoko Studio's advanced features (Plus subscription): live data streaming to your favorite 3D software