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Senso Gloves VR Glove DK3

Senso Gloves VR Glove DK3

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The Senso Glove DK3 is a wireless controller designed specifically for virtual and augmented reality. It can be used by home gamers or VR game development teams.


It is the first virtual reality glove to combine external optical tracking and inertial tracking. This combination allows the manufacturer to achieve high positioning accuracy, as well as eliminating drift and blind spots.

The device is able to effectively track the user's movements thanks to eight special inertial trackers using the innovative 6DOF technology. It provides high-quality feedback: the gloves feature six vibration motors that make immersion in virtual reality even deeper.

The bulky battery provides up to 4 hours of continuous operation with support for speeds of up to 150 frames per second. At the same time, the delay is minimal: no more than 15 milliseconds.

The manufacturer has taken care of compatibility with engines such as Unity, Unreаl Engine, C++ and Android. This greatly expands the possibilities of use, making the gloves a truly versatile device.


The gloves require no additional adjustments and are comfortable to wear.

Tracking accuracy

Gracias a los 8 rastreadores inerciales con tecnología 6DOF, es posible seguir con precisión cada movimiento del usuario. El retraso en el reflejo de la información es mínimo: 15 milisegundos.

Dispositivo de desarrollo

Thanks to the 8 inertial trackers with 6DOF technology, it is possible to precisely follow every movement of the wearer. The delay in the reflection of information is minimal: 15 milliseconds.


Tracking system: 8 IMU sensors
Feedback: 6 vibration motors
Battery: 4 hours of operation on a single charge
Latency: 15ms
SDK: Unreal Engine, Unity, C++ and Android


Choose the right size:
Size "L": length 23 cm, width 10 cm;
Size "M": length 22 cm, width 9 cm;

Available in three colours: Black, Grey and Red.