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Vuzix M4000 (Augmented Reality Glasses)

Vuzix M4000 (Augmented Reality Glasses)

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The Vuzix M400 is one of the best enterprise smart glasses on the market. Designed for the workplace, it is ideal for use in manufacturing, field service and warehouse logistics.

Vuzix M400 has an exceptional camera. It provides 4K video and 12.8 MP camera shots. This allows for easier error detection/diagnosis and therefore enables a higher level of work efficiency.

Main features

The Vuzix M4000 is an upgraded version of the M400, with four key advantages:

  • WAVEGUIDE OPTICS Vuzix M4000 have a technique that allows the screen to be transparent, so the user can see the projected image while maintaining natural vision. There is no need to remove the Smartglass to continue performing other tasks. Compared to the M400, which uses an OLED display, the Waveguide technique also increases the perceived resolution. The M4000 has a resolution of 854×480, while the OLED screen resolution of the M400 is 640×360.
  • MORE RESISTANT The second advantage of the Vuzix M400 over its predecessor, the M300XL, is that it is designed for use in harsh environments, the M400 can withstand drops from 2 metres and is IP67 rated for water and dust.
  • LIGHTEST Another key advantage is the weight of the Vuzix M400. Weighing just 190 grams, including battery, glass frames and USB cable, it is one of the lightest smart glasses on the market right now.
  • COMPATIBILITY Finally, the Vuzix M400 has backwards compatibility with most previous Vuzix smart glasses accessories. This includes safety eyewear frames and a 2000 mAh Powerback.

Technical specifications

CPU  8 Core 2.52Ghz Qualcomm XR1
Flash Memory  64 GB
Operating system  Android 9.0
Weight  100 g (Smart Viewer)
86 g (battery)
60 g (USB-C cable and mount on glasses*)

*Note: there are multiple wearable configuration options for mounting the Viewer and battery each have a different weight.

IP Rating Device

Water resistant to 1 meter and no dust intrusion. 

Drop tested 1 meter.

IEC60601-1-2:2014 Medical Device


DLP colour display

Display resolution


Aspect Ratio

Field of View 28 degrees

Typical Max Brightness

5000 nits 
Contrast Ratio 

> see through 1000 : 1

Color  24 bit 

12.8 Megapixel

Improved Auto Focus (PDAF)

Flash/Scene illumination

Improved Optical Image Stabilization

Video 4k 30 fps
Voice control  

Customizable and supports multiple languages

Touch Pad  Touch panel with multi-finger support
Motion sensors 3-axis gyroscope
3-axis accelerometer
3-axis magnetometer
Control buttons Power button
3 standard buttons
Audio  Bluetooth headset support
Triple microphone with noise cancellation
Built-in speakerphone (up to 97db output)

Charge through

Connectivity USB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 
Battery  750 mAh; 5 Wh (Longevity Series)
3,350 mAh; 12.06 Wh (Extended Series)
Battery life 2-12h
Languages   English
Chinese Mandarin

Box content 

  • Vuzix M4000 viewfinder with swivelling display
  • USB-C battery
  • USB-C to USB-C power cable
  • USB-A to USB-C cable (for charging the USB-C battery)
  • M Series Lensless Frames
  • Hard case for storage