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All accessories for PICO 4 in XRshop

In this blog we discover all the new accessories available in XRshop for the new Virtual Reality viewer. PICO 4. Cases, lenses and protective films and batteries are essential to live the full immersive experience from anywhere you want, with the assurance that your set is protected, out of harm's way and ready to use.

Below, we explain all the features of Pico's fourth generation viewfinder accessories, now available in our online store:

Lens Protector for PICO 4

With the lens protector for PICO 4 and its soft cover you can protect your Pancake lenses lenses of your Virtual Reality viewer. It prevents them from coming into contact with dirt, dust and scratches.

One of the most critical components of a Virtual Reality glasses are its lenses. They are the ones that provide us with a good or bad experience in the virtual world, that is why they must be protected with special care.

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Protective Films for PICO 4

The pack of Ultra Thin Protective Films for PICO 4 by Hifylux will protect not only the Pancake lenses of your Virtual Reality glasses, but also includes a very discreet but very resistant panel protector. Scratch-proof, crack-proof, sweat-proof and dust-proof.

In addition, the pack contains a scraper cloth and two hygienic cloths for the correct installation of the films.

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Protective case for PICO 4

Protective case specially designed for the premium all-in-one Virtual Reality viewer. PICO 4with a compact and practical design. An indispensable item to take your Virtual Reality glasses wherever you want and enjoy the maximum immersion from anywhere, making sure that your viewer is perfectly protected.

A shockproof and very resistant protective case, as well as lightweight.

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Dual-charge design batteries

Play longer with the rechargeable batteries and charging station from BOBOVR. An extra battery with easy, Type-C and fast charging like BOBOVR's B2 from BOBOVRB2, capable of fully charging in about 3 hours, will allow you to play longer.

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With two charging positions, the BOBOVR Twin Charger Station/Dock for Battery Pack B2 can charge two BOBOVR B2 battery packs at the same time. In this way, the battery will no longer be an impediment to continue playing, with four points of light located on the device we can read the status of the battery and charge it before it runs out completely.

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Combine it with the BOBOVR B2 Rechargeable Battery Pack (compatible with PICO 4 Meta Quest 2) to double the battery life of the scopes when fully charged and provide unlimited power by changing the battery.

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Get your discount by buying the pack

For the purchase of all three items: the PICO 4 Virtual Reality glasses, the lens protector and the protective films you will get a pack discount. Visit the product page PICO 4 product page to take advantage of the promotion.

You can see all the accessories for PICO 4, by visiting the category 'PICO 4 Accessories' within all the categories on our website.

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