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PICO 4 Enterprise, the enterprise version of PICO 4

A month after the launch of PICO's fourth generation viewer, the Virtual Reality glasses known as PICO 4, the enterprise version of PICO 4 Enterprise is now on the market. A new generation viewer that helps enterprise customers to unlock their potential and exploit growth and productivity in key business areas such as industry, healthcare, education or tourism, among others.

The Virtual Reality Glasses for businesses are now available for pre-order from XRshop from this November for €899. In this blog we analyse and compare the two headsets, what are their main differences?

Same level of comfort, different performance

At first glance, we can see that the design of both visors is very similar. They stand out for their lightness, comfort, stability, their compact form thanks to the use of Pancake lenses and a high capacity rear battery (5300 mAh) to enjoy a great autonomy. In addition to a resolution in both devices of 2160 x 2160 per eye that refreshes at 90 Hz, and a good field of view of 105 degrees.

One of the main differences between the PICO 4 Enterprise and PICO 4 is in their performance, although both visors use the same Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 processor, the enterprise VR goggles come with 8GB of faster LPDDR5 memory, as opposed to the PICO 4's LPDDR4 RAM.

Comparative table of technical specifications

Below, we have detailed all the technical features of both scopes:



PICO 4 Enterprise


2.56" ✕ 2 pantallas LCD

2.56" ✕ 2 Fast-Switch LCD


2,160 ✕ 2,160 per eye

2,160 ✕ 2,160 per eye




Refresh rate

72Hz / 90Hz

72Hz / 90Hz

FOV and lens

Pancake 105°

Pancake Lens, PMMA, anti-scratch film, hardness HB (105° FOV)


295g (without strap), total weight: 586g

300g (without strap), total weight: 591g


255 (Min) / 310 (Max) mm (L) * 163mm (W) * 83.5mm (H)

255 (Min) / 310 (Max) mm (L) * 163mm (W) * 83.5mm (H)

Interpupillary distance (IPH)

Supports continuous adjustment with a range of 58~72mm

Auto-adjustment with a range of 62~72mm


Platform: Qualcomm XR2, 8-core 64-bit, 2.84 GHz, 7 nm process technology

Platform: Qualcomm XR2, 8-core 64-bit, 2.84 GHz, 7 nm process technology


8GB LPDDR4X, 2133MHz

8GB LPDDR5, 6400MHz


6DoF wideband haptic motion controllers

6DoF wideband haptic motion controllers


Fisheye cameras x 4, 16MP RGB camera x1

Monochrome fisheye (640 X 480@60Hz), FOV166°, FOV166°, FOV166°, FOV166°, FOV166°, FOV166°.

RGB camera: MX 471 16M fixed focus, H130°/V115° Resolution: 16MP 4656*3496@30Hz,4MP 2328*1748@60Hz


360° surround stereo speakers, supporting 3D spatial sound
360° surround stereo speakers, supporting 3D spatial sound


Dual microphone with up to 30dB noise reduction and 50dB echo cancellation
Dual microphone with up to 30dB noise reduction and 50dB echo cancellation

Improved interaction experience

For the ultimate immersive experience, the PICO 4 Enterprise features 8 cameras and multiple sensors to enable inside-out head tracking, dual wideband haptic controllers, hand and gesture tracking, eye and face tracking.

They provide a complete and fully developed Virtual Reality solution and best practices for companies to improve business efficiency, reduce overall cost and deployment barriers, and overcome the technical challenges they face in their day-to-day operations.

On the other hand, one of the unique features of PICO 4 is the Mixed Reality option. When wearing PICO 4 for consumers, a simple click is all it takes to use colour perspective to add virtual information to the real world. An option that is currently not available in the corporate version.

PICO 4 Enterprise, built for business

Integrated with PICO 4 Enterprise, PICO Business Suite, an enterprise-level operations system that enables PICO partners to manage their workflow securely and privately, can be accessed. The PICO Business Suite addresses the needs of enterprise customers and ISVs for customised solutions. The system's three main features include synchronisation, streaming and kiosk mode, which enable the connection of multiple Virtual Reality devices and more automatic live streaming and viewing.

Supported by an enterprise app shop, developer kits and dedicated enterprise configurations, PICO 4 Enterprise users can experience a greater level of flexibility to integrate the headsets into their business operations. PICO continues to prioritise privacy with ISO27001 certification planned for early 2023.

Enterprise interface

As an enterprise version of the device, PICO 4 Enterprise has an enterprise-level interactive interface and application system that is closer to business scenarios, and the consumer-specific account system and related entertainment products will no longer be applicable.

The Virtual Reality glasses for companies, PICO 4 Enterprise, will be available this December. You can already buy them in PRE-ORDER through XRshop.

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