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PICO 4, PICO's new big Virtual Reality bet

With the slogan 'Imagination. The only limitation.' the long-awaited fourth generation of PICO has arrived, a viewer that enhances your entertainment experience with a state-of-the-art display and sensor technology. entertainment experience with state-of-the-art display and sensor technology. PICO 4 is a premium all-in-one VR headset, which comes with many changes compared to its last version, Pico Neo 3 Link which we will analyze in this blog.

If the Link model was postulated as the great competitor of the Oculus Quest 2, it is very likely to become the great rival and surely the only one of the novelty that is about to arrive from Meta, the Quest Pro.

Below, we tell you everything you need to know about PICO 4, the new premium all-in-one viewer from PICO capable of working in standalone format or connected to a PC wirelessly or via cable.

A premium model with major improvements in resolution and tracking

The new PICO 4 brings a brighter display and 4K+ resolution, 35% higher than typical 4K. They offer a more detailed image thanks to the 1,200 PPI display and more vivid, immersive colors thanks to the 85% saturation rate. A 90 Hz refresh rate and lower latency to avoid the feeling of motion sickness.

PICO 4 also offers improved motion tracking with increased accuracy and low latency. The viewfinder has improved eye and face tracking for more realistic avatars. It features four cameras for inside-out tracking and sensors for tracking dual 6DOF controllers and, at the same time, detecting hand gestures.

More immersive haptic experience thanks to its controllers

Another new feature of the PICO 4 is its design, with new controllers that look different from what we have seen so far: they have a ring that passes over our hands and includes an extra button for capturing images. In addition, to achieve a more immersive haptic experience, they include an LRA band. However, they still rely on infrared-based tracking like their most recent model on the market, the Pico Neo 3 Link.

A world of entertainment: Pico Fitness and Just Dance, the most eagerly awaited novelties

The PICO Store offers more than 250 games with new releases every week, apps and sports to live videos (concerts, music festivals) and exclusive releases. It also wirelessly streams +4000 Steam titles when you connect to your PC VR library. We highlight some of the key new features, such as:

  • Pico Fitness: Allows you to create your own Virtual Reality workout plans and track your data while playing your favorite games. You can also see how long you've been exercising and how many calories you've burned.

  • Just Dance Exclusive: The most popular music game franchise of all time is coming to PICO 4 exclusively! It will be available in 2023 only with PICO and in VR form for the first time!

Play comfortably for longer

The ergonomic design of the PICO 4 all-in-one VR headset combines high-quality software with a comfortable to wear hardware device. With no additional hardware or cables required, you can play all day with ease thanks to a new lightweight design for maximum comfort. The small and lightweight PICO 4 weighs only 295 g without a strap. The hard strap design is stylish and provides a balanced wearing experience.

Pricing of the new PICO 4 model

PICO 4 will be launched at a very competitive price for both 128GB and 256GB versions. The visor will be available for less than 500 euros and even at a lower price than the Pico Neo 3 Link. The 128GB model will cost 429€ and the 256GB model, 499€.

Order them exclusively at XRshop.

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