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New Pico Neo3 Link Virtual Reality goggles available for pre-order from 15 April

The new model Pico Neo3 Link (ver producto) is intended for home entertainment. To be among the first to see the advantages of this product first hand, XRshop offers you the possibility to reserve your new Pico Neo3 Link glasses.

Everything you need to know about Pico Neo 3 Link

  • All-in-one model: Pico's new model contains everything you need in a single box with a wide variety of PC-compatible content. This is a model suitable not only for gaming but also for more professional use with high quality graphics.

  • Design tweaks: With this new product, Pico provides more motion tracking control in a compact, lightweight design that uses the same convenient, Stream VR-compatible DisplayPort cable as its Pico Neo 3 Pro model.

  • Launch offer

    A new feature of this new launch is that customers who purchase the new Pico Neo 3 Link model will receive a 35% discount on the launch of Pico's latest product, which will be released in 12 months' time.

    Availability and price of the Pico Neo 3 Link glasses

    The new Virtual Reality glasses, developed by Pico, will be available from 15 April for pre-order at a price of €449. At XRshop, we offer you the chance to be among the first to get your hands on this product. You can order your Pico Neo 3 Link in EXCLUSIVE PRE-ORDER. Estimated delivery from 24 May.

    Reserve Pico Neo 3 Link

    International shipping

    The Pico Neo 3 Link will have free international shipping for the first 30 days after its launch on 15 April. This offer will only be available for pre-orders until May 15th. Get your Pico Neo 3 Link now!

    Applications and uses of the Pico Neo 3 Link glasses


    The Pico Neo 3 Link Virtual Reality glasses are compatible with over 4,000 titles, discover the best multiplayer games to share with friends or enjoy them yourself in the comfort of the new Pico model. The Pico Neo 3 Link gives you access to the largest library of virtual reality content compatible with gaming PCs.

    Collaborative work

    In addition to the comfort and unlimited mobility, as you can enjoy the Virtual Reality experience wirelessly, wherever and whenever you decide, the glasses offer various uses, apart from gaming, they provide solutions that adapt to you with professional solutions such as tools for remote social collaboration. In fields such as art (museums, film festivals...) they are already being used as well as in the fields of marketing and content creation. In addition, with this new model you have the possibility of using applications that will allow you to develop skills such as public speaking.

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