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TOP VR JULY: Virtual Reality games of the summer

This summer immerse yourself in Virtual Reality with all the new releases, DLC and updates of the best VR games. We bring you the complete list of what you can't miss. This July and August you will be able to participate in quests, solve murders, cast spells, paddle kayaks... and enjoy a lot of exciting adventures through the virtual world.

New simulators for a truly immersive experience

With these new simulators you will have to negotiate dangerous curves, make sure you don't get caught and face the worst sea storms. Strategy, stealth and skill will be your best allies.

F1 22

This summer comes the F1 22 racing simulator on next-generation consoles and a spectacular Virtual Reality mode exclusive to PC. More difficult curves and more aerodynamics are some of the features presented by the game that can already be enjoyed for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4 and PC.


Become a professional thief, but only in Virtual Reality. The game that we already knew for PC has arrived this month for Quest 2. You will need a lot of stealth, strategy and planning to advance, as the difficulty is increasing. Do you dare with all the missions?


Incredible landscapes, wild nature and crystal clear water... An immersive environment that you can now enjoy from your virtual kayak on Steam. Described as one of the best audiovisual experiences with spectacular graphics. This immersive experience will make you face the weather adversities and paddle not only in calm waters, but also during a storm.

Upgrades and second parts

Enjoy more content and more to explore. Follow the story of your favorite characters and embark on new adventures and quests to solve. Here are all the sequels you've been waiting for.

Mercenaries mode in RESIDENT EVIL 4 VR

This summer the Virtual Reality game Resident Evil has added a new free update, it is the Mercenaries Mode. A mode that was not included since the launch of the game and can now be downloaded for free. In addition to leaderboards, 20 new challenges, new skins for weapons and other modes such as the header or the classic horror in black and white.


The game developed by Vertical Robot will arrive this August for Meta Quest 2 and also for PC viewers. An exciting narrative adventure starring the agent Epsilon and set in the confines of the solar system. In this second part, a jet-pack will be incorporated so that you can propel yourself and move faster.


The adventure Moss Book II has arrived this summer to Meta Quest 2. The protagonist of this fable is Quill, a little mouse that we will have to help with our skills in a surprisingly rich and deep world and with powers that we will acquire as the game progresses.

Mystery, magic and spells in Virtual Reality

Face different quests and challenges with magic and spells. Discover magical worlds in Virtual Reality.


A total of 26 missions in which you will have to put yourself in the shoes of a young ruin hunter who seeks to unveil the mysteries of the city Gran Amnis. It is a VR action RPG developed by CharacterBank, available for PCVR and Quest from this July.


Action and adventure is what awaits you in this VR action RPG game, available from this month on Steam. In Spellslinger VR you'll encounter a variety of monsters, puzzles and challenges that you'll have to overcome by casting a wide range of spells. The core of the game comes from its unique spell casting system, in which chaining specific arm and hand movements together casts different spells.

New incorporations for Pico Neo 3 Link

The Pico XR game catalog has also planned some new features for this summer, the new Pico Neo 3 Link has added two titles to its European game store:


The shooting gallery that was available for PCVR, Quest and PSVR has now also been added to the Pico catalog. GUN CLUB VR is the latest virtual gun simulator with a huge arsenal at your disposal: pistols, SMGs, shotguns, assault rifles, grenade launchers... which can also be customized to suit any scenario. The game is from the creators of Resist or Mini Motor Racing X.


The drum simulator lets you explore your drumming skills with complete freedom in a flexible and responsive VR environment. Drag and drop as many drums as you want from your palette. Easily arrange and scale them to create the configuration that suits you best. A platform for sharing and learning that we could already find in App Lab and Steam.

The most awaited upcoming releases

Are you looking forward to more? Here's a sneak preview of what's coming soon.


We start with Bonelab, the sequel of one of the best considered games for PC. It is the second part of PCVR's Boneworks that will be released for Quest 2 and PCVR this 2022, although still without an exact release date. In Bonelab you will face challenges to survive, an action adventure game that features in-depth modding and user-generated levels. You can see the teaser below.

NFL Pro Era

This fall will be available for Quest 2 and PSVR the American soccer simulator NFL Pro Era, which will also be the official VR game of the American Football League. Developed by StatusPRO we will be able to put on the skin of the team's quarterback and play different game modes to compete until the Super Bowl.


Hunting ghosts in Virtual Reality will soon be possible. At the moment there is no planned release date but nDreams in collaboration with Sony Pictures Virtual Reality and Ghost Corps are already developing this new title based on the famous 80's movie. It will be a cooperative game in Virtual Reality and is planned to be released for Meta Quest 2.

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