Tactsuit X16 and Tactsuit X40 haptic vests from bHaptics

Every day there are more and more different accessories that are appearing to evolve and improve any type of Virtual Reality experience. From gloves that make us feel the objects of the digital world as if we were touching them in reality, or boots with wheels that make us move in virtual worlds, to vests that allow us to feel all kinds of experiences around our body, as well as shots or vibrations in a plane miles high.

What are the bHaptics Tactsuit vests?

We present the bHaptics TactSuits, two different models of haptic vests that will allow you to feel those experiences in Virtual Reality worlds. The TactSuit X16 and TactSuit X40, two options to choose from. Below we detail the main features and differences of each one and their compatibility with different games.

Main characteristics and differences


TactSuit X16 - 16 motors

TactSuit X40 - 40 motors

Battery and battery life

TactSuit X16 - 4900 mAh and 22+ hours of use

TactSuit X40 - 9800 mAh and 18 hours of use


TactSuit X16 - 950 gr

TactSuit X40 - 1.7 kg


One Size - 63,5cm ~ 127cm / 25'' ~ 50''

This version of the Tactsuit also incorporates new straps both on the sides and in the shoulder area to achieve a better fit to our measurements, and thus, a perfect fit when playing. They also feature Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0 connectivity and audio port.

The experience that will take you to another level of immersion

The two vests can be adapted to all types of public, initially the x16 was intended for individuals and the x40 for a more business implementation, although both are mostly used for home or recreational use. The main difference between one and the other is, as the name says, that the first one has 16 vibration motors, unlike the second one that has 40 motors. In both models, the motors are distributed between the front and rear, to be able to feel zombie bites, cuts, vibrations, shots, among others.

TactSuit X16 offers us 16 feedback points distributed throughout the vest, thus offering us a very good experience and also an autonomy of more than 20 hours of gameplay.

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On the other hand, the TactSuit X40 offers a much more immersive and closer experience, as it has 40 motors distributed throughout the vest. In this way, it makes each of the actions of the game more real, with a more accurate interpretation and an autonomy of approximately 18 hours of gameplay.


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Are they compatible with all games?

As for its compatibility will depend on what kind of use we want to give it, anyway, on their official website they offer a list of compatible games, which is constantly updated.

Some of the best Virtual Reality titles of all kinds are compatible with haptic accessories, for example Half-Life Alyx, Beat Saber, Phasmophobia or I Expect You To Die, although they require Mods to work properly and to be able to live a fully immersive experience with new possibilities, settings, characters and sensations.

Thanks to the bHaptics Player application we can customize the response and performance we want the vest to offer us. We can also create different profiles in the games, according to the tastes and characteristics that we seek for that particular experience.

Below, we leave you a review of the TactSuit X40, made by Alehandoro VR, and the TactSuit X16, from the hand of Arlan 360. Both videos are in collaboration with XRshop.

Video Review Tactsuit X40 with Alehandoro VR

Video Review Tactsuit X16 with Arlan 360

What do you think about this kind of haptic accessories? Is it worth the price for this enhancement of our VR experiences?

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